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We are offering you software, that fits perfect to your needs. We are working together with you on your software, indifferent if you are an private customer or an company.
Powerful servers with newest technology, running 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.
All our projects are created with state of art technologies. Our team is continue studying to improve themselves to give you the best result.
Our support is reachable to nearly every daytime. Our goal is to improve our response-time to an minimum.
Security is very important for the image of an company and the customer-data. This the reason, why we are working prioritized on software-security to secure your data and the data of your customers.

Unsere Projekte

Project RealisticWorldGenerator


RealisticWorldGenerator is an fully costomizable WorldGenerator for Bukkit/Spigot


Project PvPGamesPlus




Project RealisticNetherGenerator


RealisticNether-Generator is an Nether-World-Generator for Bukkit/Spigot. It is mainly an Addon for RealisticWorldGenerator


Planning your software


A good planning is important to create a good result. This is the reason for us to invest in a good planning to speed up the development-process and improve the final result.

Creation of your software
Hosting of your software and data


We are also offering Hosting-Solutions for products we had created and software you need to run. Our solutions are customized and managed. We can offer you just the option to host with us, but we are also offering the option to host with us, while we are doing all the maintain-work. This can be a good solution for tiny companies, who would need a computer scientist for running just 1 or 2 services.

You're interested in a software-solution for your gaming-project? Checkout our Shop SourceWriters. We are offering you custom solutions for gaming-projects, but also products, that are ready to setup.
You are searching for addons for one of our software-solutions? This is the section, where you should find it!

You want to learn more about our hosting-solution and our datacenter? Here we go!