Juniper EX-3300 Switch in Rack

Our technology

An overview of the technology behind the services of SyntaxPhoenix

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For our data centers, we focus on reliability, fail-safety and environmental friendliness.
The data centers of maincubes one GmbH meet these requirements.


For our servers we rely exclusively on brand hardware from HPE and Supermicro.
All servers are equipped with RAID 1 or RAID 10 networks to enable high transfer rates and low failure rates. In addition, each server is connected to two different circuits with two power supplies.
Close-up of a HPE DL360e with view on fans and RAM
Juniper EX-3300 Switch in Rack


For our network components we rely exclusively on branded hardware from Juniper. All components are designed redundantly and all servers are connected with at least 2 Gbit to the outside via two different switches to ensure the highest possible availability.

Secure DDoS protection

We do not leave our reliability to chance.
For our DDoS protection, we rely on Arbor DDoS protection from the leading provider Netscout which can filter attacks up to 500 Gbit/s to avoid a failure of our network through a targeted attack.
In addition, we use further filter rules on our core routers to prevent simple attacks in advance.

Cabling of a rack with cable management