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Managed Services

We take care of the deployment of your software - You no longer need to worry

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Managed Services

IT services often cost a company a lot of time and money, while administrative and management tasks slow the company down and prevent it from concentrating on its actual business. As a result, core IT tasks are often neglected or projects that are actually relevant fall by the wayside.

We offer you our Managed Services so that you and your company can concentrate fully on the tasks that are important to you.

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Load balancing

We take care of distributing the load of your services in the network so that they can be reached even better and even faster from anywhere.


We provide the infrastructure for your services / project.

Furthermore, we take care of the maintenance and care of the infrastructure and keep it up to date.

Individual solutions

We offer you individual solutions, tailored to your company and your use case.


Benefit from our experience in IT security. We take care of the secure operation of your infrastructure.


We offer monitoring of your systems around the clock, 24 hours - 365 days a year.

Through early detection, failures can be avoided or at least minimized.

DDoS Protection

Prevent a breakdown of your infrastructure due to DDos attacks with our DDoS protection from Netscout.

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